AGing-In-Place Specialists promote activity, leisure, and safety for a more functional, productive lifestyle

Lisa Winne and Fred Rodriguez, Aging-In-Place Specialists

It’s Functional Productive Living’s desire to help individuals of all abilities and disabilities age-in-place. Aging-in-place specialists, Lisa and Fred, offer professional consulting services to those who wish to stay at home.

When it comes to companies with to help people age-in-place, there aren’t many. Physical Therapist and Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, Lisa Winne, the founder of Functional Productive Living explains, “I believe there’s simply not enough awareness. There will be an overwhelming growth in people with disabilities and aging.

Changes in insurance standards in the U.S. healthcare system reduces the number of home safety evaluations. There’s simply not enough time for in-patient rehab therapists and home health therapists to do this. This leaves a ‘gap’ in our current healthcare model,” Lisa explains.

“We are empathetic with the physical, cognitive, social, and financial challenges that individuals and families face. Our economical solutions can help.”


Functional Productive Living is designed to assess clients’ needs for improved safe ergonomic techniques during home mobility and daily tasks.

“We offer a comprehensive list of solutions to choose from,” Lisa says. “From simple room design suggestions to custom wheelchair evaluations, and recommendations for smart equipment are just a few. Some clients have complex medical needs, yet others may just be preparing for their future stay at home. Whatever the case may be, we can help.”

With a growing need to help the aging population and individuals with disabilities, the home care industry is desperate for those willing to step-up.

“When Lisa first explained her business concept to me,” says design graduate, Fred Rodriguez. “I immediately wanted to help. Our creative, analytical, and innovative ideas quickly formed the foundation of this company. Together, we feel that God has played a hand in allowing us an opportunity to help those in need.”

It wasn’t long before Fred and Lisa found themselves pursuing their CAPS Certification (Certified Aging In Place Specialists) through the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders). Graduate certificates projected in early December 2019.

Together, as aging-in-place specialists, this Texas tandem is concerned about the future of the many who are in need and to the generations that follow. “When we help, we not only help our clients, but also their families,” Lisa says empathetically. “Our solutions can save future medical costs. We can also ease the burden of the caregivers and promote an active, functional productive lifestyle.”

Lisa Winne, PT

It was 20 years ago when Lisa Winne received her Physical Therapy degree. “In school, each of my classmates and I was asked to tell everyone where we might see ourselves in 10 years,” she recalls. “I promptly answered that I wanted to help older people to age-in-place. I wanted to help by assisting them with room design, environmental changes, and home modifications.”

Working in the last 10 years in the Austin and San Antonio region, Lisa has been advancing her therapy skills. She has also been learning about the healthcare industry and advocating for her clients to insurance companies. “I’ve spent a lot of time networking and building the foundational to start my own company Functional Productive Living.”

Lisa values her professional relationships with case managers, therapists, neurologists, physical medicine doctors, medical equipment companies, and care-management companies. “I feel one of my greatest strengths is my passion to share ideas and resources. I love for helping others by connecting people within our community.”

Today, Lisa continues to use her experience to help assess her clients in many ways. “Functional ergonomics, mobility assessments, and custom solutions are just some of what I do daily to help people with safety, security, and comfort.” 

As Lisa continues to add to her knowledge, she admits, “No two clients are the same, because of this I continually learn something new every day. Whether it’s the complexity of medicine, social challenges a family faces, or the personal challenges individuals and caregivers have to deal with, it all becomes a learning opportunity to help somebody else.”

Lisa loves to teach people to recognize, identify, and to live life as functional and productive as possible—within their own means. “Movement and activity are keys to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

With those important factors, we can reduce falls risks, injuries, and hospitalizations. It’s important to empower people to stay active and to take the responsibility to pursue activity within their everyday life. We want to help those aging-in-place to have more energy. It’s important to spend time doing leisurely actives opposed to just self-care.”

Within her realm of innovation and vision, Functional Productive Living moves forward to complete what Lisa Winne has dreamed from the beginning of her career: to help the aging population, live a more functional, productive lifestyle.

Fred Rodriguez, Designer

Fred Rodriguez is a multidisciplinary designer, creative director, marketing specialist, and co-owner of Functional Productive Living. He recently completed the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation program and has a special interest in helping the world to see: “By design, we can make the world a safer more comfortable place to live in for each generation to come.”

His interests in accessibility began when his nephew was involved in a catastrophic car accident. Having spent nine months helping his nephew through rehabilitation, Fred’s hands-on involvement with insurance companies, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and neurologists shed light on what it “really” means to be disabled.

That’s where Fred met Lisa Winne, a physical therapist, who just months prior, founded Functional Productive Living, LLC. Fred liked her concepts to help those who wanted to age-in-place. “I decided to apply my skill set to help Lisa achieve her goals. That’s when I discovered Universal Design.

Universal Design (UD) is ‘the design of buildings, products or environments to make them accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or other factors.’ After learning about UD, I had a desire to embrace it and merge it with my core knowledge.”

Fred wanted to learn more about how accessibility affected everyone. “When I see a person in a wheelchair, or someone with a physical disfigurement, or even someone very tall, I jump at the chance to ask them questions like: ‘What’s your number one pet peeve when it comes to accessibility?’ and questions like, ’What do you feel can be done to help you gain more access?” and, ‘Have you heard of Universal Design?’”

Fred continues to learn from people willing to talk about their challenges. “I’ve learned that sidewalks should be wider with wheelchair evolution and that ramps may not be optimally placed to help people enter and exit safely. People with large shoe sizes have to walk sideways on most steps because their feet don’t fit on the steps.”

Fred feels that partnering with Lisa is not indifferent from his design career. “We definitely need to put an emphasis into building and rebuilding our world with Universal Design principles so that accessibility is as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible for anybody at any age.”